Adhering to the principle of “promoting high-end dialog among experts in the field of intellectual property, improving the level of intellectual property management of enterprises and promoting the innovation and development of industries”, Intellectual Property Industry Forum (iPiF) brings together relevant government departments, industry associations, enterprises, law firms, intellectual property agencies, intellectual property service providers and other industry participants to focus on the latest intellectual property policies at home and abroad and carry out in-depth discussions on intellectual property protection in specific industries, with a view to becoming a professional, international and multi-dimensional exchange and learning platform in the field of intellectual property.

iPiF has plenary and sub-forums, of which the plenary discusses the common issues of industries and the sub-forums discuss the characteristics of intellectual property of specific industries to meet the needs of participants from different industries.

iPiF is an annual forum held once a year.

Plenary + 6 Sub-Forums to Meet the Needs of Participants from Different Industries
Discuss the common and specific IP issues of different industry
120+ speakers
Gather international and domestic experts to give professional insights into hot spots and difficult points
1300+ participants

Linking IP experts from industry, academia and research institutes to jointly

60+ cooperating organizations
Mobilize different parties to hold the grand IP event, and Integrate various services to connect the upstream and downstream

Infotrans' self-media focuses on the field of IP, outputs valuable articles, discusses industry hot topics, shares practical cases, and delivers industry information. At the same time, professionals in the IP field are gathered through the IP industry forum iPiF (annual conference, held once a year), training, seminars, salons, live broadcasts, etc., to create a platform for continuous communication and learning. IP link, link to IP person! Welcome to pay attention!

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